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Divorce Mediation

    Divorce Mediation recognizes the many challenges of divorce and assists in restructuring the family. This program helps mother and father back out of the marriage relationship into respectful co-parenting.

    Our goal is to work through the three areas affected in divorce: assets, children, and relationships. As difficult as divorce is, we strive to work these issues out in an amicable way as we recognize that each person is entitled to a bright future.


    Ari and Leora were married for eleven years when they decided to divorce. Over the years of their marriage, they had tried counseling and therapy interventions. They finally reached the conclusion that this decision would be best for them and their children.

    With Rabbi Rhine’s guidance and facilitation, they were able to negotiate the terms of the divorce in a way that was validating and allowed for disagreement with respect. In collaboration with the children’s therapists, they created safe space for the children to thrive.


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