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Marriage Repair

    Marriage Repair is a program that helps disconnected couples transform their relationship to a place of pleasantness and respect. One of the features of this program is that it helps the couple develop communication skills that they can carryover and benefit from in their daily lives.


    Mark and Sara were married for seven years before they realized that things weren’t right. The respect between them had eroded and they began to experience a disconnect. With two adorable children and a third on the way, they realized that they needed to address the disconnects in their relationship. They began their journey to repair their marriage with CARE Mediation. After five sessions they were able to discover the goodness and tenderness in their relationship. They learned how to be their best and show up for each other. With monthly check-ins, they are filled with hope and optimism for their future.


    Marriage Repair can guide you to a place of harmony and hope.


    Contact me for a free consult.

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