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Marriage Mediation

    Marriage Mediation is a program that helps distanced couples come to mutual agreement to repair their relationship. Even when one spouse is leaning out of the relationship, marriage mediation provides the safe space for a meaningful conversation. Together we clarify what is causing the fallout and chart a path to repair it.


    David and Cheryl were on the verge of separation when they decided to reach out for help. With so much at stake it just seemed like the right thing to do. “Is separation the only option?” they wondered. Years from now, Cheryl wanted to be able to tell her children that she tried everything she could to keep the marriage together.

    After three sessions with CARE Mediation, it became clear that there were more pleasant ways to handle the disagreements that were recurring in their relationship. David and Cheryl learned the skills of de-escalation and how to gracefully accept repair attempts.

    Learning new techniques in communication took several sessions; it led them to a place of mutual respect and admiration. From a place of pleasantness, they were able to rebuild the US of their relationship.


    Marriage Mediation can help you overcome differences and build a pleasant future together.


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